VIDEO: Goalies Strzetelski & Santilli score All-American Game Goals


Nobles Teddy Strzetelski makes a save on Medfield’s Matt Treiber, then takes off downfield. Although the ball would eventually hit the ground, Strzetelski stays with the offense and is rewarded when Team Wounded Warrior teammate Sam Scarfo alertly hits him with a pass off the crease. Strzetelski catches, then goes behind the back for the highlight-reel play of the night and the the first “goalie goal” in the three year history of the All-American game.


Not long after the excitement from Strzetelski’s goal, Hingham’s Jack Santilli decided to get into the act. Watch as Santilli walks the ball up on a clear, then puts on a burst of speed at midfield, gets through two defenders and unleashes a rocket that finds the top corner of the goal.

Both videos produced by Zander Dolan for