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Player Profile: Ryan Scheib (Xaverian Brothers)

04/13/2012, 10:20am EDT
By Matt Noonan

Meet The Hawks Senior Midfielder

After Thursday’s non-conference tilt between Lincoln-Sudbury and Xaverian Bros., Boston Lax caught up with Hawks senior Ryan Scheib to talk about the season thus far.

I know it’s only been a few minutes since the final whistle sounded, but what happened against Lincoln-Sudbury on Thursday? What was the difference?

“I think they, [Lincoln-Sudbury] did a good job coming out strong. L-S is a good team; we knew that, [but] this year is all about proving ourselves. The last two years hasn’t gone our way, so coming out, we really wanted to stick it to them, and I think we did a good job in the beginning, [but] they battled back near the end of the first half and kind of shut our offense down.”  

It’s still early, but what have you’ve liked about the season thus far? Do you think the Hawks will be a team that’ll possibly invade Harvard Stadium in June?

“We’re off to a good start. Even the game we lost against Catholic Memorial, I think we played well, came back in the second half, but the heart is there. I think we’re working really well together, but still have a lot of things we need to change and work on. I think our transition game is a little bit better, our poise to the ball from some of the younger guys – they’re getting used to it. We have a young attack, an inexperienced attack, but every game they’re getting better and better, so it’s looking up from here.”

How long have you played midfield? Why do you enjoy about that particular position?

“I’ve been playing midfield my whole life, [and] I love it because you’re in every aspect of the game. You’re on offense, and it’s going the other way, [so] you’re expected to get back on defense to make a play, and I just love battling between the lines, so I just like being apart of the whole game, so that’s what’s so exciting about it [playing my position].”

As a senior, the ultimate goal is winning a championship. Although, have you ever won a title match?

“Back in the day when I was playing for Ashland Youth Lacrosse, we won our fair share of jamborees, but since then I haven’t won anything, but we really want the Catholic Conference this year. It’s a good conference, it’s up in the air, so I think we can go get it.”

Who is your favorite team to play against?

“I’d say CM because there’s a rivalry there. We’re hungry to play them, they come ready to play us, it’s always a battle, always [physical], and I know a good amount of the kids on the team, so that’s a fun game.”

Let’s talk tradition. What does it mean to wear a Xaverian Bros. jersey?

“It’s important [because] we’re a family. Everyone’s pushing each other, and we really want it this year. I feel like we’re trying to prove ourselves, and I think we have the team to do it, and it’s really the motto of the year.”

Do you have a pregame ritual? If so, what is it?

“I don’t do anything that special. I honestly just visualize myself making the plays, and I guess one thing I do is I always want to be the last one dressed, so when the team is ready, I wait to put my stuff on last, it’s something I’ve always been doing, which I’m not sure why, but that’s it.”

What’re three songs on your iPod you listen to prior to face-off?

“I’d say, “Gotta Have It” by Kanye West and Jay-Z. Probably some techno, and something that gets me fired up, too.”

Take me through a typical game day from morning to face-off. What’s going through your mind as the day progresses?

“I wake up just knowing that I’m ready for the game. I make sure to eat right, not going to the cabinet and eating some awful stuff, but just make sure I am ready to play. Once the bell rings I am ready to play, and just get in the mindset for a game.”

Will you be playing lacrosse in college?

“Yes! I will be going to Bryant University.”

Do you have a favorite lacrosse player?

“I’d say one of my role models is Kyle Harrison. I like to dodge up top, and I feel like he’s one of the best dodgers in the game, and I watch him play and I emulate those dodges – exploding off the dodge, so that’s one of my role models.”

Finally, what’s your favorite thing about BostonLax.net?

“The coverage. It’s a cool looking website, and there’s not a lot of coverage on high school lacrosse, so it’s good to see that they’re out at games, covering everybody, so it’s good stuff.”    

L-S defends Scheib on offense.

Scheib on offense against L-S.

Scheib throws the ball around on offense.

Scheib directs his offense and defense on Thursday against L-S.

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