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    Things continue to heat up as two of the best in the state, BH and Sebs, looks to push the top of the polls.

    Does Gov’s, Nobles, Rivers or RL have enough depth to knock these guys off?

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    BH is untested thus far and will need to prove it soon enough with Avon, RL, Thayer then a big tilt with Govs

    Sebs is battle tested vs some of the best in the country after the Nobles event. Good how not to play L vs IMG followed up by a OT win vs a strong Westminister game. 5 games deep and a big win today vs RL

    Govs has the best O. Heard the Harris vs Bowen battle in the 2 day scrimmage was excellent! Gov.’s has one of the best Attacks but can they stop the ball and make stops down the stretch….Time will Tell

    Nobles will need Cheek, Loring and Dziama to play big roles this season. Nick Loring might be the hardest cover all spring as he has packed on a weight and brings it with both hands

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    That was a huge win over Nobles by Seb’s yesterday. With the RL win earlier in the week, Seb’s is off to a great start in the ISL.

    The attack and middies were well know before the start of the season, but I think it’s the longsticks that could help the Arrows end up being a dominant team, Frisoli is a top-5 defender in the state already, and Jeremiah is one of the top LSMs. Cam Martin and Pat Reed will continue to grow into their starting roles, and Peter Blake and Ryan Martin are tremendous top depth at both pole and close. Blake Colman, who doesn’t get many minutes for Seb’s, would be a player on most other ISL teams, and just shows the great depth the Arrows have this spring. Is there another MA team east of Deerfield with so many strong longtsicks?

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    With BH handling Govs pretty well, this Sebs match up in a week or so is going to be a battle!

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