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    Hi All,

    I am representing Polish National Team that will take part in European Championship for the first time in its history. The event takes place on July 8th-15th, 2017 in Finland, Turku (

    Reason for emailing you is our search for experienced box lacrosse players with Polish roots (more details at the bottom) who could support Team Poland during this event, taking also part in our box camp in the preceding week. Worth to mention that we are looking for not only a great athlete but also a person who is able to share his knowledge across the Team.

    We are currently coached by Heath Garlow from Seneca Nation, who could be of help over the phone if you would be interested in (details I could share in the next email). Our nearest tournament, and at the same time qualification for the National Team, is the EBOX tournament and AHM Tournament, both held in Prague in the second half of April, where we will be playing as Polish Eagles.

    Having said this I would like to ask you to either share this email within your team/organization or share details of people interested in joining Polish National Team.

    Any additional questions are more than welcome.

    Thank you in advance for any effort taken,

    Gregory Lason
    +48 608206986

    Non Polish passport holders:
    1. Parents One or both birth parents, adoptive parents or step-parents born in the country
    2. Grandparents One or more birth or adoptive grandparents born in the country Step-Grand Parents are not acceptable
    3. Marriage Partner / spouse being a passport holder the country, with the qualification that the partner/spouse, and husband, must be resident in the country being represented
    o Note 1 : In the event of death of the partner /spouse this would not prevent the individual from qualifying by this criteria.
    o Note 2 : Divorce from the partner /spouse would disqualify the individual from qualifying by this criteria.
    o Note 3 : This criterion relates to accepted marriage in the context of a civil or religious ceremony. “Common –law “ situations and /or partnerships without such formal acceptance (and hence supporting documentation) will not be accepted.
    4. Residence Minimum of a two-year residency period in the playing country within the last five (5) years. This does not necessarily have to be a continuous period but a cumulative total period of two (2) years over the previous five (5) year

    Costs: 3000-3500 USD per person.
    • training camp preceeding championships,
    • transport from Poland to Finland and back (bus),
    • accommodation
    • meals in Finland,
    • physiotherapist,
    • jerseys,
    • helmets.
    Does not include:
    • flight tickets to Europe and back

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    Sounds like a great event

    Have there been players from Mass on the team in the past?

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